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We can look into the problem of disloyalty, dishonesty and employee absence's within your company. We will work with your HR department to investigate, through surveillance, the going problems of disloyal staff within many companies.

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This can be anything from stealing stationery to stealing from work colleagues. Our corporate surveillance teams will track the suspected employee and gather photographic and video evidence of them. We can follow your employee wherever and whenever they need to be followed.

Our specialist surveillance experts are highly professional and are available to be deployed 24 hours a day to fit in with your requirements. The teams usually have 2 to 20 people,including male and female operatives who will blend discreetly into any situation were they can servile and follow the targets every move.

We have expert agents with high quality police or intelligence services standards. We have high standard quality modern equipment and produce excellent results from our state of the art covert cameras. The recordings from our video cameras are fantastic and all the footage and photographs gathered during the surveillance session will be recorded in a report and sent to you on compilation of the job. For our special surveillance contact us discreetly with you requirements.